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First of all, I would like to thank my new followers who have provided excellent feedback. I will definitely be reading all of your blogs and participating as well. If you know anyone who would be interested in reading my stories, please share my blog with them and I will do the same for you. I am going to attempt to make a post every day. However, today I have been mostly busy with work and have not had a lot of time to form new thoughts, so here is what has been on my mind…

As a teenager, I was a huge fan of David Bowie. I am quite the music lover with a varying range of tastes from Blues and Jazz to Rock, Folk, Icelandic… anything that is original and what I would consider beautiful. Bowie was such a pillar in the rock community and was a unique and interesting fellow. My fear is that, especially with my generation (and I am ashamed to say so), we know him for Space Oddity (some couldn’t even tell you the name of the song), Heroes, and maybe Man Who Sold the World (due mostly to the Nirvana cover). Most of my favorites come from the Ziggy Stardust album, and here’s why:

Bowie spent most of his life questioning who he was, creating alter-egos, and making characters for himself that he sold to the world. Ziggy Stardust created a platform for him as this odd, space-loving, almost alien-like being. Therefore, the songs on this album are deep. They encourage soul-searching. Of course, they also appeal to the nerd in me who loves all things space and alien-related. I’d like to break down the meaning of a few of my favorites from this album, and maybe some from others. I’d love to hear you all’s interpretations and if you agree/disagree with mine. What do you think of the songs? What are your favorites? Let’s break from the unknown and pay tribute to one of the last living true rock artists.

5 Years: This song, I believe, is about Earth finding out that the world will end in 5 years. Of course, all hell breaks loose. People are crying and David is walking the streets witnessing the reactions of all the people- the children, the mothers, and those that were losing their minds. Some weren’t fully aware of what was happening, but for him it was so much to take in. He says he never thought he’d need so many people. He wanted the people he loved, as we all typically do when our time comes.

Soul Love: I interpret this as his view on love. There is love between a mother and her child, new love between young couples, and the love of a baby for their mother. A priest loves his God. Love chooses it’s victims and no human chooses who they have feelings for.  To Bowie, he only has the ability to witness the beauty of love and love the idea of love, believing he himself is not capable of loving another.  Maybe we all go through these thoughts at some point in our lifetimes.

China Girl: I have varying opinions on this. I’ve heard it was about a Chinese woman that Iggy Pop had a fling with. I’ve also heard it referred to opium. I’m inclined to believe the latter.

Man Who Sold the World: I believe this is about Bowie changing his character and selling himself to the world. He sees his past self and the two don’t recognize one another.

Starman: I think one is pretty self-explanatory, but I like it and felt it was worth mentioning. There are extra-terrestrial beings who would like to come and make our world aware, but they know the human race is unable to handle the knowledge at this time.

Now, I’d love to hear what you guys think about these and other songs of his. Music speaks to the soul and is always open for interpretation. If we all heard and believed the same thing out of every song, well.. we’d be listening to Meghan Trainor. RIP David Bowie.